Everyone is a Genius



Today’s post is for the Lindy’s monthly contest .. I found this one very hard and challenging as its a color combo I have never used together and with several tries I’m pretty happy with my final project.  I decided to use Lindy’s Magicals as watercolors for this project using a waterfilled paintbrush.

Click HERE to visit the Lindy’s September Challenge Page

The colors I needed to acomplish for this challenge


The colors that I used doing some mixing of course were…


All colors can be purchased on The Lindy’s website which are my absolute favorite medium.  They are used in every single project I use and their product goes a very very long away.  Click HERE to go to Lindy’s website.

Colors Used (You can click on each color to see which set it came from or direct link to color)

Magicals – Bling-y-Blonde, Sassy Saphire, Tibetan Poppy Teal, Red Hot Poker Orange, Ponderosa Pines Olive.

Magical Shakers – Bratwurst Brown, Leader hosen Laurel, Gluten Tag Teal.

Sprays – Glory of the Seas Gold (Starburst Spray, Gossamer Gold (MoonShadow Mist)

I started out by trying to figure out for a few days what reminds me of these colors and after a few attempts I was not happy with I decided to go with a fish.  I loved the quote by Albert Einstein “Everybody is a Genius, But if you judge a fish by its Ability to climb a tree, It will live its whole life believing its stupid”  This quote means so much to me as I’m sure many others as we are all a genius in certain things.. not everything and no one should ever be compared as our abilities are all different.

So the first thing I decided on was my quote and I knew I wanted it to be circular which took me awhile to do and many erases,  But I finally got it how I liked it,  I then drew a rough sketch of a fish and then mixed up my own texture paste and started putting bubbles around my fish.  I used a waterproof perm marker in black to make my wording pop out 🙂


After I had it this far I pretty much stared at it for hours trying to figure out how I wanted the water background to look and finally after several hours of staring at it just jumped in and started mixing up my aqua colors and green and just let the water and paintbrush do its thing.


Finally I started to slowly work on the fish and let me tell you! this part was so stressful for me lol I started to feel like I was going to mess it up because as usual with the Lindy’s challenges I like to go outside of the box because to me besides the colors being so challenging I try to do work that is outside my box to challenge myself even more.  I used my magicals and my shakers purely as watercolor through the entire process.  I did use a little bit of normal black watercolor paint and white watercolor paint to try to give my fish some definition.


And after many times walking away and staring at it for hours i finally finished it and I’m happy with the results.. I would also like to thank Lindy’s for offering these challenges making me seriously challenge myself.








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